Weekly Update #8 – I Love You 3000!

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Both the number of products I’m manually entered myself,
and the number of hours it feels like its taken..

This week, I’ve finally surpassed the 3000 products mark. It’s a silly arbitrary number, but one I’ve been focusing on hitting for a while now. I seem to go through periods of adding lots of new stuff, and then quieter times too. It’s all about trying to fit it all in after-hours, once I finish off my day job.

Most weeks see me putting in about 20-25 hours a week on inventory and site work, on top of my other 9-5.

To those who’ve shopped with me so far, I really appreciate it. If you drop by, and see something you like, but found it cheaper elsewhere, just shoot me an email at ian@iansvintage.online and I’ll see what I can do.

So what’s new this week? I’ve added a bunch of Magic The Gathering cards, including some pretty great ones, like Manamorphose, Snapcaster Mage, Vampiric Tutor and Ugin The Spirit Dragon.

The first third of a CD collection is up, featuring lots of great punk, rock and folk like Ron Sexsmith, Screeching Weasel, The Sex Pistols, MXPX and more!
Newly-listed CDs are starting at just $0.99!

Some new vinyl has been added, including the ultra-rare mis-printed version of Husker Du’s Metal Arcade EP. Exceedingly rare, the B-side is two tracks from the album Zen Arcade! Not only that, there’s two copies available. Priced lower than Discogs, fans of old school punk should check it out!

A handful of Transformers and comic books have found their way into the shop this week. Included are some (mostly) complete Generation 1 Autobots like Optimus Prime, Seaspray and the Combiner Aerialbot Superion, featuring all five airplanes!

A few other random items of note, a rare early paperback copy of Philip K. Dick’s seminal work The Man In The High Castle, a copy of The City of Kings board game with tons of extras and add-ons, graphic novels, more video games and tons more.