Weekly Update #7 – Games, Games and more Games! (and some other stuff too)

Last week I mentioned that I’m aiming to get around 100 new listings up each week going forward, in an effort to clear up some back log.

Well, I didn’t get 100 items listed in the last 7 days, I listed over 150 new items!

So what’s new? Over 100 Xbox 360 games, about 90% of which will play on your Xbox One as well! I picked up a few large collections recently, and many still have the original DLC codes included!

There’s also a few sealed games, if you are more of a collector!
Xbox 360 games start at just $0.99!

Beyond the games, I’ve added some new movies this week, including some DVDs and some hard-to-find classic foreign titles, like L’Atalante, Stromboli and Fritz Lang’s classic “M”.

Heading into a long weekend here in Canada, so have a great one and enjoy the summer, now that it’s finally here!