Weekly Update #6 – Back on Track!

Two weeks in a row! See? I just needed a little motivation. Ha!

Some pretty cool new items up in the store this week, a real hodgepodge of stuff.

Finally got around to listing those Polaroid Cameras that I’ve had for a while. The infamous OneStep is always a popular item, and was of course the inspiration for Instagram’s old logo.

I’ve added a bunch of new board games (and a couple more are coming tonight. One of note is the insane-looking Flick ‘Em Up Giant Suitcase edition. This thing is insane! The box is about 2 feet on each side, and weighs a beefy 15lbs of so. It was purchased at GenCon, and is a one-owner. Sells for $300USD from the game company. Also added Mythos Tales, a great detective, case-solving game with a niew Lovecraft feel to it. The Kickstarter-exclusive edition comes with a hardcover version of the case book, along with a number of fun games like Exploding Kittens, Betrayal At House On The Hill, and more!

Puzzle fans, a couple of gorgeous mid-70s era, sealed fantasy puzzles are available. Famous artist Gilbert Williams’ released a series of puzzles, and I lucked out on a pair of sealed ones.
Dragon Song and Moon Flight are both in stock, and look amazing. Each one is 551 pieces and measures 18×24″ when completed.

Lots more to come, but the backlog is finally shrinking.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my store. I hope you find something of interest!

Have a good one.
– Ian