Weekly Update #5 – 16 Weeks Later

I realized I’m terrible at writing updated like this. They always fall behind me focusing on store inventory, tweaking little things like sorting options, all the “exciting” stuff.

So what have I been up to? Focusing on inventory, tweaking little things like sorting options…

But I now have over 2600 items in stock, and am aiming to add between 100-200 per week over the next couple of months.

Recent additions include:

On top of this, I’m working on getting the record collection I posted over on Discogs, onto my site, and then drop prices by about 10%, which is the fee from Discogs.

If you are interested in records that are in my Discogs store, just shoot me an email and I can setup an invoice directly at a 10% discount off the listed prices!

Also still to come, graphic novels, vintage electronics, a ton of vintage clothes and more!

I guess I should convince you to shop at my store. Well, how about stop paying the “eBay tax”. I’ve reduced my prices by about 10% below the best pricing on eBay. Since there’s no eBay fees, my prices are cheaper. How’s that?

Have a good one. Be nice to each other.